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Although sometimes it's nice to get paid for your work, I like sharing as well.  When I was learning how to crochet, I used You Tube and Pinterest a lot. I appreciated all those crocheters who shared their work and I valued their teachings. I'd like to do the same. 

A very easy crochet pattern for a hanging sack basket made out of one skein of Caron Chunky Cake yarn.

Hanging Sack Basket

Here's a great crochet pattern for a crossbody bag strap.

Sturdy, thick and also pretty.

Crossbody Bag Strap

Thermal Stich Pattern

This crochet pillow give your space that nice pop of color and it accents your space effortlessly. Very easy pattern.

Diagonal Stripes

Crochet Pillow

Add that POP of color in your wardrobe with this easy crochet scarf pattern.

Nice and light.

Jaiden Crochet Scarf

Mini-Bean Stitch Pattern

 Attention crocheters... if you do a lot of craft fairs, wouldn't be nice to crochet your own vendor apron?

Crochet Vendor Apron

Make a traditional crochet pillow to add in your home holiday decor. 

And it jingles, too!

Christmas Tree

Crochet Pillow Pattern 

    They're soft, fun and very light. Not your typical boring beanies. A very easy beanie pattern in color block style.

Slouch Beanie Pattern

Color Block

Make one for your kids' "Dress Up Theme" or costume for school.  Will definitely turn a lot of heads because it's so cool!

Dr. Seuss Hat and Bow

Crochet Pattern

   Make your own errand-bag. This Super Large Crochet Bag in color block will not go out of style.

Super Large Crochet Tote Bag

Crochet can be a cool wall decoration. 

The bigger, the better.

Large Crochet Dolly

for Wall Decoration

Using the "Magic Potholder Pattern" but we'll make it look cooler with stripes.

Make it POP in your kitchen.

Stripes Potholder


Want to learn to do tapestry crochet? Here's a great start for you. And you'll end up with a cute bag, too.

"One Way" Crossbody

Bag Pattern

Got a little girl, tween or teenager in your gift list? Here's a perfect crossbody  bag for you to make. Very easy, too!

One Skein - 2 Crossbody Bag

Tedious but fun at the same time.

Is there such a thing? 

This might be the first.

Popcorn Flower

Crochet Pillow

A cute pillow for a nursery or any room and it will definitely add extra personality to each space.

Large Owl Crochet Pillow